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Like the saying runs, âbigger is much better. â In the matter of the Nuvi 2797LMT, this is actually true. The screen for this unit is one of the largest available on navigation GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM devices. For two ins larger than the standard auto GPS unit, the screen is easier to see compared to the screens on smaller products. The Nuvi 2797LMT is among the more finished models from the Advanced series. It has every one of the basic features as well as the majority of the more advanced and intuitive features.



The Garmin 2797LMT is great and strong with a 7-inch screen. The large screen helps to ensure profound results to see the buildings while driving and enables more information to be displayed around the screen. However , the large display can create a blind spot due to its size, therefore be sure to keep that in mind when placing the device in your car. This gadget uses a great LCD touchscreen technology, and the display screen resolution can be an impressive 800 x 480 pixels, which can be two times bigger than most of the GPS units we all reviewed. The LCD display screen is crisp and clean, sharp and well lit, making it set up during at any time of moment. This device uses a resistive display screen that requires tension to activate the onscreen buttons. A good capacitive screen would make this device much easier to restrain, as it will allow for scrolling and multitouch, which could improve the following deviceâs functionality.


Currently, there are Garmin Serious Directions pre-installed on your Nuvi 2797LMT. The following feature makes it easier understand the recommendations you are presented. When making a turn, the product is designed to use buildings, stoplights and other landmarks specific to that site, making it easier that you should know when should you turn. Your Nuvi 2797LMT can do this due in part to map updates.



The device will come preloaded with 10 million points of interest (POIs). These are preprogrammed locations just like businesses, banking institutions, gas stations, attractions, restaurants and even more. If you can't come across what you are looking for, you can build your own tailor made POIs. And also the POIs, you can actually create about 1, 1000 waypoints. These kind of waypoints happen to be places you want to indicate specifically for potential reference, that include your favorite eating house or the location of your kids' dance business.

Help + Support

The Nuvi 2797LMT is supported by a one-year limited assurance that helps ensure your navigation system will be devoid of defects. This also comes with a warrantee that ensures your gadget will have a whole new maps. You can examine this by way of plugging the device into the computer and checking Garmin's website.


The 7-inch screen, whilst bold and crisp, could be difficult to attach without interfering with your distinct sight, and the screen by itself is cheap and less receptive than the higher glass monitors. However , the Garmin Nuvi 2797LMT makes up for these slight inconveniences which has a plethora from advanced features to help you reach your spot safely.